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For the last three years I have been the Board representative on the Beef Council.  This is a role I have enjoyed, and am delighted that the Beef Council has gone in my time on the Board from being seen as somewhat of a liablility to being a "star" and very much part of the Board's technolgy transfer stategy.  

The Council which is now fully funded by Meat New Zealand, has developed a business plan and stratgey.  It has clear objectives that it sets each November for the following year.  Where as in the past, one region (Northland) was regularly attracting farmers to fieldays and other events, now all seven regions are competing strongly and growing. 

A recent Ohakune Beef Council Fielday on intensive beef finishing at Atihau Corp.

I was very pleased to back the Beef Council initative for a National Genetics Officer.  As well to help with achieving the funding for the naming sponsorship right to the Beef Expo.  

More recently I have worked at repositioning the traditional Beef Carcass competition into a Pasture to Palates event aimed at show casing the very best beef producers alongside the best in culinary ability and tasting.  This in the future could become a real opportunity to recognise the best people throught the chain from farm to consumer.

The Northland Beef Council is piloting this strategy for the Board this year and I believe with the excellent team of experienced people in that council, that again they will lead the way and show us how to successfully stage the event.


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Last modified: January 28, 2001