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I farm in the Northern King Country region and am standing for re-election as the producer member for the Northern North Island Ward.  My farm "Storth Oaks" is a mixed property of Sheep, Bull Beef, Stud Angus Cattle and Deer 20km from Otorohanga.

Born in Auckland, my love for the land began during the school holidays when I regularly had a holiday job on a farm near Taupo.

I completed a Diploma in Agriculture at Massy University and in 1980 bought my first farm in the Otorohanga District. Six years later I was lucky enough to  purchase the neighbouring property. In addition I now help run a computer company specialising in agricultural hardware and software. It takes me around the country where I am able to catch up with the issues affecting farmers.

I realise that if farmers want to take control of their own destiny, they have to take care of off- farm issues. Collectively we can make our industry stronger, we can achieve as one, things that individual farmers would find impossible!

MBA,Dip Ag, Commercial Marketing Background, Innovatin, Thinking,Positive.

I hope that you would consider myself again for your choice of Meat Board Director for these reasons:

  1. In 1993 I gained an MBA (Master of Business Administration) majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  The Board has found this, coupled with the other commercial experience of great benefit and  I am sure I can continue to deliver on your behalf.
  2. In Addition I am the Chairman of Meat & Wool Board's Economic Service and the Quality Mark Advisory Committee as well as being on the Beef Council.  Other directorate experience includes a Sports Importing Distribution Company and the Chairmanship of a Marina Company.
  3. A marketing focus.  This means ones sees things from a customer's point of view and not just a producers.  My retail experience helps here also.  Unfortunately it is the customer who is king today.  The Board has a role to assist.  Things like the Quality Mark and the Beef Campaign are good examples.
  4. I will continue working for you for postitive change, a clear vision and progress forward.

I am totally commited to working in the interests of New Zealand farmers.  The concept of the family farm or Maori trust farm is very dear to me.  It is one of the things that make New Zealand farmers unique.  Good farming practices, the love of the land and its sustainability handed down from generation to generation.  

I guess it was ingrained in me, by my first boss's father, Sir Keith Holyoake.  He used to say...."boy....you must farm as though you will live forever, but live as though you will die tomorrow".  



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Last modified: January 30, 2001