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New Zealand Naturally!  - Beef overview

Our real competitive advantage is the natural way we produce our meat.  New Zealand's environment, with blue ocean, green grass and generational farmers who care for the land are unique attributes that we need to develop more.

We need to position our product in world consumers minds.  The "love mark" that is New Zealand, is what our new beef campaign is all about.

Any marketer will tell you, that all buying decisions, made by whoever for whatever are based on some form of emotion.  Meat New Zealand's role is to help our exporters attach the emotional message of New Zealand to our beef.  It is about helping develop a preference from both trade buyers, hotel and restaurant operators  and where appropriate consumers for New Zealand Beef.  Our aim is to get them to specify or ask for our beef by choice.

Increasing consumer awareness of what they eat, with issues like BSE, E-Coli 0157, HGP's and genetic modification make our target market far more receptive.  Our job has just begun, and I wish to help make it work for New Zealand farmers.

The dairy beef component of our beef industry is crutial.  

Sometimes dairy and bull beef farmers wonder what their levy money is used on. A levy on the 40% of beef production from dairy sourced animals is as valid as a levy on prime beef.  Here is but a few of the areas that have had money invested that benefit the dairy and manufactoring bull beef industries over the last three years.  

Click on the four buttoms on the left for examples in that area.  

Prime Beef

By positioning our top end product as being superior and something special.  By taking it to new markets, by giving it its own unique identity......we also create a pull up effect for our other products.  The Board has a role to play in helping industry position New Zealand product as being "far and away the world's finest".






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Last modified: February 02, 2001