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The Global Beef Campaign which is helping to position New Zealand Beef as being something special is able to be used right across our range of products.

Market development activities over and above this new global beef campaign have in recent times included:

Marketing - Young lean beef - USA
Promotion and "detailing" USA
Marketing - Young lean beef - Asia
Marketing - Secondary cuts - Asia
Marketing - Asia "fast foods" study
Voluntary classification for young lean beef

Marketing - Young lean beef - USA

Development of the Young Lean Beef category as a "brand" of its own, to create new market opportunities.  This has included working extensively with key markets and customers in the US to create awareness of the attributes of Young Lean Beef.  There has been joint venture funding provided to at least one company exporting to California.

Promotion and detailing in USA

The general promotion focus in the USA has been on grinding/processing industry., for hamburgers and processed meat.  Exports into this area are largely bull beef and manufactoring cows, from dairy farms.  Advertising at processing level increases the awareness of New Zealand product as being different from other imported product.  The new beef campaign will intensify this awareness.

The retail detail component is essential.  Like the toilet pan salesman who calls as much on architects as he does on plumbers merchants.  It is the architects in the building industry who specify the ingredients of the hospital or building requirements so it is the Burger Kings' we must work with so they specify NZ ground beef in their ingredients.

Marketing- Young Lean Beef - Asia

Assisted funding for a study in Singapore to identify opportunities to expand the market for table cuts in the Asian market.  This was a deliberate attempt to diversify our beef exports from total dependency on the US.

Marketing secondary cuts - Asia

Promoting the positive attributes of New Zealand Young Bull in the markets of Asia, with the result that bull beef continues to be competitive with steers.

Marketing - Asia "fast food" study

Comprehensive study undertaken to help New Zealand exporters identify market opportunities in the fast food area, throughout the Asian region.

New Zealand beef has developed an excellent reputation in the fast food industry in the USA and this study was to help indentify opportunities and users in Asia, and to leverage the reputation established in North America.

Voluntary classification for Young Lean Beef

Developed a special voluntary classification for Young Lean Beef under the old grading system in 1995, so that interested exporters were in a position to develop the potential opportunities and identify the product from young bulls in a favourable manner.



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