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My main responsibilities presently as a producer director are highlighted on the left with buttons to visit my comments about the relevant organisations.

Other roles I have had during my time on the Board have been:

On the original steering committee that put in place the Quality Mark.  This job was handed onto the Beef & Lamb Marketing Bureau to administer and promote on behalf of Meat New Zealand.
Chairman of the Beef Research Foundation.  This body was along with the Sheep Reseach Foundation disbanded in late 2000.  The changes in the Foundation for Science and Technology's funding model reduced the need for seperate organisations.

The Foundation did in its time serve a useful role in promoting the beef industry to Research funders.  It also put infront of farmers the need for them to participate in priority setting for on farm research for the beef industry.

Member of the Meat Planning Council.
Director of Mirinz in the last year of Board ownership of this company and the sale to Agrisearch.

Winter on the hills at "Storth Oaks" 



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Last modified: January 28, 2001